For women and girls to be free to participate in social, economic and political life, they need universal access to quality services, information and education, and conditions that allow them to realize their sexual and reproductive rights.

Inadequate access to sexual and reproductive health services may result in an increase in maternal morbidity and mortality, higher HIV/AIDS rates amongst young women and greater drop-out rates among school-aged girls due to pregnancies, a situation that jeopardizes a girls’ future employment opportunities and quality of life.

Through collaboration with the government, private sector, the general population and civil society organisations and other partners, Shape Their Dreams Foundation (STDF) seeks to improve women and girl’s reproductive health and unlock their potential, a catalyst for attaining Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and the targets of the African Union’s Maputo Plan of Action 2016–2030.

At STDF, we promote Women and girls’ SRHR through targeted interventions, namely: