Community mobilization and education

We work closely with communities in Uganda to challenge gender norms, which associate masculinity with strength and dominance and encourage the continuation of violence against women and girls.

We do this through training of community groups, change agents, school teachers, health professionals, law enforcement, men, women, boys and girls, sensitization campaigns, cutting-edge policy research, and the dissemination of information that advances gender equality and women’s empowerment.

Our team is comprised of highly experienced, passionate and dedicated staff who also work with parents (especially fathers), school girls and vulnerable women, media, traditional and faith leaders, local, national, and the government, NGOs, businesses, and individuals.

Our basic belief is that change can come when the whole community joins together and works towards it.

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We speak up for girls and women who face multiple challenges such as those based on disability, gender, education and income. We do this through advocacy, lobbying, activism and advising via newspapers, meet your legislator programmes, radios, television, documentaries, social media, community groups, village meetings with local leaders, music, dance and drama to push for the implementation of existing legislation and policies on girls’ and young women’s rights by national and local governments.

We also work to ensure girls have the knowledge, resources to live healthy lives and access meaningful educational opportunities. We also advocate for policies that combat sexual violence and support girls who experience trauma. In doing this work, we engage girls, local leaders, as well as other stakeholders.

Furthermore, STDF is committed to building and sustaining grassroots citizen activism to hold the government accountable to its constitutional obligations in advancing gender equality, deepening women’s rights, guaranteeing the right to health, and ensuring a just society.


Overcoming gender inequality will not result from specific isolated programs, but from a comprehensive approach that involves multiple sectors and stakeholders such as the government, media, communities, civil society organisations, schools, cultural leaders, businesses, foundations, and committed individuals. We believe in an integrated approach to confronting the underlying human rights issues that prevent women from realising their full potential. Here at Shape Their Dreams Foundation, we work with decision-makers and all the other stakeholders to guide and shape priorities, investment, strategies, and policies to move the needle for girls and women. We also make sure everyone – including people who have too often been sidelined or marginalised – are part of the work to drive a gender-equal world. Bringing our expertise and resources together, makes us a powerful force for progress.